28 Dec

The News I Like The Most

The News i Like Most
Students participating in “The News i Like Most”

News not only provide the information but also an opportunity to develop and groom the thinking process of young students. Keeping this in mind school organized a presentation ‘The News I Like the Most’ to encourage The News reading and opinion forming in students. The concept is to pick up your favourite news and speak at length about it. Students are encouraged to add additional information and his /her own point of view. We specially give opportunity to the students who have potential but do not come forward due to lack of confidence or stage fear.


The maiden attempt was received enthusiastically and proved to be a great success. Students of 6th to 10th classes participated enthusiastically and come out with the News that improved them the most. Ms. Arshpreet, Ms. Snehil and Ms. Rushda of class 6th spoke about the ‘ Kanpur Train Tragedy’. Master Vishal and Ms. Jeeya of 7th class different News from Science and technology page regarding new inventions. Master Sandesh, Master Niwas , Master Deepanshu and Master Shivam (Class 8th ) spoke humour about the ‘ Change in Currency’. Master Rishabh Sharma (9th ) was concerned about the dead accounts in google, F B and other social sites. Ms. Divyanshi and Ms Deepanshu raised the issue of closed school in J & K and Iran. Ms. Arshi and Mr. Yashasvi about the disaster, that accrued during Haj at Mecca. The presentation was concluded with Ms. Osheen, Ms. Divya, Master Vansh and Ms. Arushi is worry about the sacrifices of soldiers being wed for political interests.


The main motive behind this presentation was to encourage the students to overcome stage phobia and express their brilliant performance

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