22 Feb


In order to provide extra knowledge besides the prescribed syllabus (curriculum), the school
conducts various type of activities in vocal and instrumental music, folk and classical dance, all
outdoor and indoor games, athletic events, musical chair, clay modelling, collage, colouring, role
play, dance competition, song competition, quiz, extempore/debate, fireless cooking, slogan and
story writing, story telling, visit to public places, essay writing, skit competition, spell bee
competition, one minute show activities (to learn to manage time), poem recitation, experiential
learning, tour etc which are really very important and essential for overall development of the
students. All these activities are being conducted on every Saturday. Students take interest and
produce good result in their respective fields. Following the same,we have organized ‘Cartoon
making’ as a saturday activity for the students of class 6th,7th and 8th.All the students choose
their favourite cartoon character for the activity.
All the students enjoyed the activity very well.
Apart from physical and mental development, a child also learns cooperation, coordination,
team spirit.

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