04 Dec

Ahemdabad Tour-2019

 “Better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times.”

 Career Academy Sr. Sec. School bestowed this opportunity to its students of classes X to XII through the educational tour. The tour to JAIPUR and AHEMDABAD gave the students a chance to   experience new environments and give an exposure to places they might not otherwise  visit.

Another group of  students went to AHEMDABAD  on the 22nd of  Nov. 2019  in the late evening. The students had the most exciting experience of travelling by air to the destination. The INDIGO aircraft  took  off from the Delhi airport T2. Students were served packed breakfast at the airport and by noon they reached AHEMDABAD.  Having rested in the hotel LEMON TREE,  the students were taken to other popular tourist attraction,  THE STEPWELL. Later in the evening they visited the divine abode of God, THE AKSHARDHAM TEMPLE. In the amphitheater the students experienced the enlightenment – the breathtaking and captivating water show. 

The next early morning the students headed for the collosal statue of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. THE STATUE OF UNITY symbolizes the national, spiritual, historical and academic values. After  spending the day at the Statue of Unity the children enjoyed eating at the legendary SUBWAY. Dance and music was added on to this wonderful trip by the DJ night.

The  next morning the students were taken for a HERITAGE WALK and some fun in the swimming pool. Subsequently in the afternoon children visited one of the residences of the father of the Nation, located on the tranquil and serene stretch – THE SABARMATI  ASHRAM. The students here learnt   a lot about the Indian Independence Movement .Later in the evening they  boarded their flight to Delhi.

Both students and teachers alike had a great time on the tour.

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