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School has its own Bus and is provided within the town. For outsiders facility of transport is provided on demand and feasibility.

Bus Routes

Bus No 1 - [Route A]

S. No. Name of Bus StopPick up Time
1Bus Stand7:30 AM
2Jarja7:45 AM
3Temple Mor7:55 AM
4College7:57 AM
5Carmel Convent 8:00 AM
6ITI8:05 AM
7Pashupati ITI8:07 AM
8Jail Gate8:10 AM
9Hathi Ki Kabar8:15 AM
10School8:25 AM

Bus No 1 - [Route B]

S. No. Name of Bus StopPick Up Time
1SFDA8:30 AM
2Fire Station8:30 AM
3De-Remberance8:35 AM
4Yashwant Chowk8:40 AM
5School8:45 AM

Bus No 2 - [Route A]

S. No.Name of Bus StopPick up Time
1Burma Papri7:10 AM
2Dakra7:20 AM
3Kandaiwala7:45 AM
4Salani7:50 AM
5Sainwala7:55 AM
6Ambwala8:00 AM
7HP Petrol Pump8:15 AM
8School8:20 AM

Bus No 2 - [Route B]

S. No.Name of Bus StopPick up Time
1Housing Board (Lower)8:30 AM
2Housing Board (Upper)8:40 AM
3AVN School8:45 AM
4School8:50 AM

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